March: Going out Like a Lion

Spring is in the air (finally), and it's time for some new beginnings. Step one: putting the blog to good use - here we go! 

Here's what I've been up to lately:

Here I am, pretending to be Beyonce in my headphones, while Sydney patiently adjusts the microphone. 

Voice Recording for Beta Persei 

On Satruday, I spent a couple of hours with Katherine (director) and Sydney (sound editor, pictured)  in the sound studio at Columbia College recording all of my voiceover pieces for  Beta Persei, Katherine's MFA thesis film at Columbia College.

The film is set in a planetarium, and I am, among other things, the voice of the planetarium. So, I got to record all of the facts and figures about stars and planets and galaxies that you fell asleep to during middle school field trips. I now know all about the Andromeda galaxy and what an eclipsing binary is. Acting is the best.


Dramaturgy with InFusion Theatre Company

Meosha sharing her story as I listen in awe.

When I'm not acting, I do like to do other theatre-y things, and one of those things is Dramaturgy. I've been working on Ithaka with InFusion for a couple of months, and now that the show is open, I've been running some talkbacks. 

This Sunday, we had Meosha Thomas (pictured) with us to talk about her experiences as a 10-year Navy veteran and her work with other vets at the Veteran Services Center at Kennedy King College in Chicago. Meosha's personal experiences and her connection to the play were incredibly moving and an invaluable treat for everyone who stayed to chat. I also got to feel like my job mattered. A lot. And that is just my favorite.

Class at Vagabond School of the Arts

On Monday, I started a new class at Vagabond: the Breaking into the Business Bootcamp. Our first class was an Agent Talkback session with Marisa Paonessa (of Paonessa Talent) and Todd Turina (of Stewart Talent) led by Michael McCracken (director of Vagabond). The school just opened at their new (and permanent) location on Ravenswood Ave - complete with new paint smell and fantastic views of the neighborhood.

The talkback was awesome. Marisa and Todd were charming and super honest about actor-agent relationships: how to get them, how to keep them, what happens when they don't work out, and what happens when they do. Really excited (and nervous) for my next round of agent submissions.


In general, the beginning of this year has been about getting ducks in rows. This website is a duck, the classes I've been taking are ducks, being out of town for the Day Job has been a goose, but all in all, we're flying in the right direction. The weather's changing (kind of), and I'm starting to feel hopeful. (/end migration metaphor)

Here's to Springtime.


PS - I'm grateful for your indulgence of my deep, abiding need for parentheticals. I cannot promise any improvement on this front in the future. Consider yourselves warned.